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Indonesia tour - Program description

The tour will begin in the most beautiful city in eastern Java, Yogyakarta. We wont spend muc time here. Why? Because we dont like multi-million cities. From here we visit the biggest and 1,200-year- old Buddhist temple of Borobudur and famous Hindu temple Prambanan which in many aspects reminiscent Angkor Wat. Follows a shift to Surabaya (train) from where we ascent the magnificent volcano Bromo. The most physically prepared will climb it on foot while others will choose two other options on 4x4 ( jeep or horses :) ). After Bromo we go to the beautiful Bali. Road to Bali by bus is extremely long and exhausting so we'll fly and rather on a bus we will spend time on the beach :) On Bali we will avoid most commercial parts. For relaxation will will visit local hot baths, eat good food and enjoy beautiful views of the rice terraces and waterfalls. We will visit monkey forest and optionally go swim with the dolphins, take a walk through local and spice market. Of course we will also have time to enjoy on the beach and surfing on the waves. On Bali we enjoy to the maximum. After Bali follows a tropical island of Gili Travangan. We live in truly unforgettable part of the island in the seaside huts. We will drive around with the bikes, enjoy the best food of Indonesia, admire the sunsets in the evening will be dance by the fire and positive rhythms. After Travangan is possible an extension - we go to the four day adventure with a  boat on which we also sleep ( this does not mean that the ship is 5 * but a travel style where we sleep on the deck). On the cruise we visit paradise islands, swim in crystal clear water, we do snorkeling and visit the tropical forest where lives Komodo lizards- descendants of dinosaurs.
The program is recommended for those who want adventure, freedom and backpacking way of discovering the world.

Some highlights

Our video from Indonesia

Highlights of the tour

Yogyakarta: Cultural and art capital of Java
Borobudur: the largest Buddhist shrine in the world
Bromo: the gorgeous volcano where we climb to the crater
Paradise Island: with a boat we cruise around beautiful islands
Bali: tour around the whole island- less commercial parts, volcanoes, terraces
Batur volcano: the most active volcano in Bali by the wonderful lake
Lovina: the northern town at Bali- cheap, beautiful, baths, temples and massage
Monkeys, birds and dolphins: the animal world in Bali is so colorful that you get dizzy
Ubud: Culture capital of Bali, monkey forest, art galleries, good food
Rice terraces: beautiful terraces which are protected by UNESCO
Surfing : we will try surfiing on waves, safe and fun
Travangan : Paradise Island, bicycles,good food , underwater paradise
Temples of Bali: great coastal temples all around the island
Cruising: Komodo lizards, beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea and good food



Our advantages

We organize tours to Indonesia from 2005. Guides are big experts of the country and the locals are already big friends with us. We designed tour in a way that it is not too difficult, affordable, a lot of sea, dream islands, sandy beaches and beautiful nature. Because it is enjoyable Indonesia we have replace long drives with domestic flights (3). Hotels are carefully selected in double-bed room! The highlight of the trip is the famous volcano Bromo, traveling around Bali and great beaches of the Gili Islands We do Bali differently than the mass of tourists . We go to the north where is no crowds but dolphins and is generally more beautiful . We go on a couple of trips to the most beautiful corners of the island until we move to Travangan. Here we live away from the center (each of us  has its own bike ) by the coral reef in the great houses . We enjoy sunsets, corals and really excellent food! In the end you can extend to the 4 day cruise where we sleep on the boat. On a cruise we will see remarkable archipelago which is home of a wide variety of animal species (including those that exist from the time of the dinosaurs) and tropical forests. Here we will swim in crystal clear sea, enjoy great views and sunsets



Our hotels in Indonesia are verified. We choose hotels that are beautiful, authentic with friendly people and good service. We use double and triple rooms that have their own shower and toilet. Accommodations are different categories. So our hotels are located centrally. From hotels all main attractions are within walking distance.


About country

Indonesia is something special, archipelago, the island country that is geographically very unrelated because of the sea and some parts are very remote. Sumatra is Indonesia's largest and most northern island which was the last discovered by tourist honest. Despite the fact that there can be found a great and extremely wild tribes, active volcanoes, tropical beaches, a huge variety of animal species and fascinating culture , tourism here is developing slowly . Language is highly stratified so mostly is used Indonesian language which is a kind of common language for all tribes . The local currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IND ), which is currently very low and for 1 euro you get really a lot. The food is very insularity dominated by rice with various sauces. In Sumatra is the most famous Padang food which is very spicy for our tastes. In the tourist areas are served all the goodies that we know. Sumatra is famous for its endemic animal and plant species. Because it lies on the equator there is also a lot of tropical fruit which we do not know. Here you can find high-quality tobacco and also very tasty coffee . Shopping is good in Sumatra- from the incredible carved wood to cheap sports equipment.

Visa and vaccination

We get visa at the airport (35$). We recommend vaccination against hepatitis A.

Group and guide

The group is large from 12-20 travelers. The group guides are Gregor, Guljo or Tomo. For the whole journey need 15-21 days.
Before the trip we have a meeting which is mandatory to avoid problems and lack of information.

When on the road?

We travel to Indonesia in all seasons. It is only necessary to know where to go in each part of a year. Departures under the Club Čar and organisation of Agency Huda Tura are in spring, summer, autumn and New Year.
You can check-out the exact date of departure on the right side. The number of places is limited !!




For the current price please visit the Slovenian page. (CLICK HERE)

Price guarantee in the case of the 10 passengers.
Mode of payment for travel is different because we all pay on the spot. As the prices of services and exchange rates in developing countries changing note that these prices are indicative and may vary slightly. We guarantee prices only for the organization and escort which is 260/300 € with a minimum number of 10 travelers .

Price includes:

* Organization and Slovenian escort
* Air flight to Jakarta (excellent airfreight carrier)
* 3-5 internal flights (depending on the program)
* Accommodation in a beautiful hotels with breakfast 2*-3*(mostly double bedrooms, sometimes triple)
* All costs of transport, drivers and transfers,
* All transportation by sea (boat, ferry)
* Train on Java
* Tips 

When there are 11 or less traveler the price surcharge organization. 11-9 passengers 50€ and 8-6 passengers 80.

Price does not include:

* food out of the program,
* single room (ca. 13-15 € more / night)
* visa ($ 35)
* transfer to the airport to Venice or. Munich-a (40-80 )
* entrance fees, excursions (optional, approx € 80)
* the cost of the extension (depending on the program from € 340)
* airport fees (domestic flights, app. 30)



Moje mnenje in še enkrat pohvale vodiču in programu, kapo dol! :)
Potovanje je bilo norooo, supeeeer, nepozabno! :) Videli smo ogromno, doživeli krasne trenutke! Videli smo krasno indonezijsko naravo (čudovite plaže s transparentno vodo, riževa polja, vasi pod palmami in bananovci, vulkan Bromo), doživeli waw sončne vzhode in zahode, videli in tudi pobliže spoznali indonezijsko favno, se prepustili poceni maserjem, sprobali dobro hrano in indonezijsko pivo :), se udeležili žurke na plaži, šli na tečaj surfanja, si ogledali številne templje, njihove plese, sprobali vsa možen promet, ki je bil včasih tudi zelo avanturističen, se preizkusili v barantanju, spoznavali prijazne, nasmejane domačine! Skratka, CHARobno :). Všeč mi je bilo, da je bilo potovanje res spontano in avanturistično zastavljeno, za kar je bil zaslužen naš super vodič Urban!
Na potovanju sem bila 3 tedne, kar priporočam, saj je tudi zadnji teden (brez vodiča) res waw, saj se ga preživi na Floresu in na ladjici med otoki Komodo, Rinca, itd. in tam se res vidi tiste najbolj čudovite plaže in se snorklja, plava, nabira školjke, sonči, izležava. Res kapo dol! :) Hvala zakon Urbanu in Gregorju za oblikovanje programa! Char priporočam in bom še kam šla z njimi, saj so še presegli moja pričakovanja! :) Takšno turo bi šla kar še enkrat, drugače me pa mika tudi Jordanija, Kuba, Mehika, Belize in pa vsa preostala Azija, npr. Filipini, Tajska, Šrilanka, Kambodža, itd. 

1. Moje mnenje glede potovanja je vredu, pravzaprav sem zelo užival, morebiti bi lahko kdaj kasneje vključil, še kakšen manjši treking skoz naravo... Všeč mi je bil utrip Jakarte, Bromo, pa tud Lombok je zelo lep... Ma vse ima svoj čar! :-)

2. Mislim da je Anand super vodič, pravzaprav se je ves čas zelo trudil da bi vsem ugodil, kljub prevelikem godrnanju marsikaterih razvajenčkov. Ohranil je profesionalnost in tud izpeljal potovanje v moje zadovoljstvo. Je zelo prijazen, pozitiven in iznajdljiv človek s katerim bi takoj še kdaj potoval!

3. Mislim da sem zase porabil nekje cca 400 eur, pa še mogoče kaj drobiža več...

4. Vietnam...

5. Zanimal me je utrip Indonezije, pravzaprav Azije nasploh, meni osebno je bilo všeč, kajti zanimal me je predvsem pogled iz strani domačinov, čeprav vem da je marsikaj že precej turistično in se pristnost lahko precej izgubi, je pa vsaj malo vpogleda v njihov svet že to, kar je meni na takšnih potovanjih zelo všeč. 

upam, da sem ti s svojimi odgovori lahko kako pomagal...

Lp, Benjamin

Odgovorila bom v mojem in Patricijinem imenu.
Potovanje je bilo super. Veliko lepega...nič slabega...Naš vodič Urban je bil zakon!! Res je vse organiziral in se prilagajal našim željam. Malo je takih.
Za to potovanje se je odločila moja hčerka Patricija. Vsako leto ena izbira lokacijo. Letos je bila na vrsti ona. Dobro je izbrala.
Drugo leto sem na vrsti jaz...zato že sedaj razmišljam o Kubi ;))).
Priporočala bi ga vsakemu, ki rad spoznava prijazne ljudi in nove dežele...
Lep ozdrav celotni ekipi.
Zdravo Team Char,
1. Kako se ti je zdelo potovanje nasploh? Potovanje je bilo odlično. Natančno to kar se pričakoval od Uživaške Indonezije. Raziskovanje, veliko za videti, drugačna kultura, vendar na izi - vse organizirano s strani vodiča, super namestitve - udobje...
2. Kaj ti je ostalo v najlepšem spominu?Izlet v neznano ponoči v Surabayi - Odličen call od Urbana, sam ne bi šel in bi zamudil pristno praznovanje lokalcev.
3. Je bilo vodenje v redu, kako se ti je zdel Urban? Samo pohvale, odlično organizirano, odlično vodeno, poskrbel da so vsi v skupini vključeni v dogajanje, organiziral nepredvidene dejavnosti na željo, poskrbel da 
dobimo najboljše cene, zabava nonstop
4. Zakaj si se odločil oz. odločila za to potovanje? Da vidim kaj več od Evrope, kakšno je življenje na drugi strani sveta...
5. Koliko denarja si cca porabil/a na Islandiji? (Indoneziji)? cca 400€
6. Kam bi v prihodnje najraje potoval/-a? druge države v JV Aziji, manj poznani - še ne tako turistični otočki po celem svetu (čudi me da nobena agencija ne naredi samosvojega potovanja - manj poznani tropski otok, nekaj kar nima nobena druga agencija)
7. Bi to potovanje priporočal/-a še komu?Seveda.

Nama je bilo super, od prvega dne do zadnjega. Tudi program je fajn, veliko vidis. Manjsa guzva na ladjici, ampak sva bla na dopustu kjer se ne sekerava zaradi takih stvari, go with the flow :-)
 Kar se tice kolesarjenja pa mislim, da tud sola ne bo odpravla nase nerodnosti :-)


vračam vprašalnik. Z odgovori seveda.

1. Kako se ti je zdelo potovanje nasploh in kaj ti je ostalo v najlepšem spominu?
Na potovanje grem zato, da odklopim vsakdan, da vidim druge kraje,  drugačne ljudi, izkusim drugačno hrano, doživim kakšno avanturo.
Vse to sem imela in ko pogledam pod črto, so bila moja pričakovanja izpolnjena. V spominu imam predvsem dogodke, kjer sem bila aktivna - Bromo na Javi, spust s kolesom na Baliju, plaže na Lomboku, potapljanje na GiliTravanganu.... Najlepše pa je za silvestrovo bos plesati na plaži, seveda v dobri družbi.

2. Je bilo vodenje in organizacija v redu ali bi kaj lahko dodali? A je bil Anand v redu?
Anand je seveda v redu. Se je  namučil z nami. Ni mu bilo enostavno voditi  tako heterogeno skupino, kot smo bili, s toliko različnimi pričakovanji in željami...
Dodala bi le to, da bi sicer raje potovala z manjšo skupino, imela kakšen treking več ( npr. vzpon na Rinjani)...In pa, da bi raje  bila na manj obljudenih (turističnih) krajih.

3. Koliko denarja si cca porabil/a v Indoneziji?
cca 700 EURO

4. Kam bi v prihodnje najraje potoval/-a?
Imam veliko želja in bi lahko dolgo naštevala. Vlečejo me drugačni ljudje, oz. drugačne kulture...

5. Zakaj si se odločil/a za to potovanje in ali bi to potovanje priporočal/-a še komu?
V času božično-novoletnih praznikov si lahko privoščim  daljše potovanje. Proste dneve zaradi praznikov združim z dopustom in je tako omogočena daljša odsotnost iz dela.

Indonezijo sva izbrala, ker sva želela videti te kraje, in NL preživeti v toplih krajih.

Lp, Zdenka



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