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Magic India tour - program description

Our incredible journey through India will not leave no one indifferent. The program includes top places of subcontinent. Each part of the country offers something special. We start our tour in Delhi. In the capital we will see the main sights, go to Paharganj bazaar and the with train flew to Agra for just a litle bit. We go to Taj Mahal, Red Fort and continue to Rajastan. In Rajastan we go to Pushkar where energy powers are so strong that it is difficult to be grounded. We trek around the lake Shai and to the temples. Afterwards, Jaisalmer, a desert fortress which attracts traders and desert people for centuries. Here we go to bang shop (a rare feature), around the town, the the place where camel fair take place. After on the camel we go in the desert where we spend the evening under millions of stars. After the camel trek last jump in to the colorful Rajastan shops and hop on the bus and flight to Kerala in the south of the continent. Relaxing and green Kerala is very hot, which will be big change to the north. In Kochi we will see the old colonial part and visit the spice market place for wholesale. We also visit the traditional Katakali show that is performed daily for centuries. After Kochi w go into the wild! We will paddle and sail the canals so-called backawaters, admiring the kingfisher and the rice boats and enjoy the beauty, peace and greenery. First day we will sail by boat but the next day,we will by canoes paddle in those really narrow channels. After we go more to the south in Varkalo where we will spend an unforgettable New Year on the beach. In Varkala we sleep three nights! There are sunsets from the top of the cliff best. From here we go on a trip to Kanyakumari where Gandhi got inspiration and strength that has not quit ihis work. Everrybody  say that the energy here is very strong say and it'll fill your batteries after a long New Year's Eve. We will also visit the beautiful beach in Kovalamu! Then we change the side of  subcontinent. By night train we go to Mamallapuram where we gather stones that the baggage will be heavy enough :-). Town is famous for its beautiful stone carvings, sculptures and schools. The beach is great, the fish are cheap and tasty. From there we go to the Indian Mecca - Tirupati. This is one of the most important pilgrimage centers in the world located between the green hills and surrounded by gorgeous temples. Indians who visit the tempel shave their hair what brings luck. We'll probably keep the hairstyle or maybe not at all ... When we will do  the "holy trek" in Tirumalo, we will  pass the forest of statues and temples to the famous Vankatashwara temple which is entirely gold. After Tirupati follows colorfull and stone Hampi where loclas and tourist still sail in round boats. Hampi is surrounded by beautiful rocky landscape, rivers and colorful temples. The sunsets here are unforgettable. We will visit the holy man - sadhu that will reveal some truths about life. From the shrine on the top of the hill we will watch the sunset. From Hampija we go for the end in Goa once a heaven for hippies (still few). Due to its special culture (Christians) has become a meeting point for tourists and locals. From great beaches, yoga, the largest bazaar in India -Anjuna flea market, the trance partis, Bob Marley scene, clubs with swimming pools, Kingfisher or holy chiluma. The last two days will be full of pleasure, as long as the fast train does not start journey to Bombay and conclude our magical trip!

The program is active (nights hotels, trains and bus) and is recommended for those who want adventure, backpacking  and active way of discovering the world.

Some highlights

Sights on the tour

Indian trains: sleeping on the train through India's memorable cultural shock
another crazy town with streets, monuments and the best shopping and prices

Agra: amazing Taj Mahal and Red fort are definitely worth a visit
Pushkar: magic desert town by  the lake with a strong energy and temples
Jaislamer: stunning desert fortress in the far west, desert festival
Camel Safari: on a camel to the great Thar desert is an unforgettable
Kochin: small town on the island, traditional fishing, Katakali dances, spices
Backwaters: by boat and canoe we sail beautiful green waters of Kerala
Kanyakumari: end of India, holly  point , we visit the islands, powerful energy
New Year on the beach: 3 nights on the beach over the new year will be memorable
Varkala: beautiful beach with steep cliffs and best sunsets
Mamallapuram: coastal stone , carving statues, temples, beaches, fish food
Tirupati: the largest pilgrimage center of India, unforgettable temples and surroundings
Holy trek in Tirumalo: a gorgeous one-day climb through forests to the golden temple
Hampi: the backpacker paradise. Pilgrimage center, round boats, colorful temples
Meeting with sadhus: to some this experience change  life
Massage: several times on the way we will be massaged with ayurvedic oils. Unforgettable!
Madras: Southern Capital, interesting vibe, hotels, beaches, museums, architecture
Goa: former haven for hippies, today party, markets, palm trees, beaches and enjoying
Riding and washing the elephants: a great experience that remain forever
Anjuna Market: Legendary flea market where from the time of hippies



Our advantages

We know India well known. We travel there  since 1995. Quite a few years Gregor did not want to organize India because he was so close to it in his heart. He spent 2 years of his life there and traveled India from the top to the bottom. He traveled around the country with an Indian family, with a monkey, puppy and mostly alone. He met the tribes in North-East, Himalaya, Karnataka and walked many parks and mountains. From all this experience was born top program - Magic India. We changed the program a bit to make it less stressful. We spend more time in seaside villages in the  south where the weather is perfect. For the last three days of the year we sleep at the beach! In India travel by planes, trains, buses, bicycles and on foot ricksha. Accommodations are good, food is an experience, and we visit all the best places. Where we're going ther over the New Year,when the climate is superb . It is not too hot and  the atmosphere is most positive.  Of course  in one trip to India you can not see everything  but it is certainly important where and with whom you are moving around if you want to catch the magic power of the sub-continent.

Hotels on the tour


Our hotels in India are verified. We choose hotels that are beautiful, authentic with friendly people and good service. We use double and triple rooms that have their own shower and toilet. Accommodations are different categories. So our hotels are located centrally. From hotels all main attractions are within walking distance.


About country

The name of India comes from the Indus and this from Persian word Hindu. In Sanskrit Hindu means Sindhu -the historic local description of the river Ind . As a synonym for India from time to time they use word Hindustan- the Persian word for "Land of the Hindus" what is historical name for Northern India. We call India United States of India sbecause it consist of states (28 states) and a lot of diversity. That is the specialty of this sub-continent and our trip as it allows to pass through different cultures, religions and natural areas within the same country. India is huge and offers from deserts, tropical forests, mega cities, great beaches to authentic spiritual experience. India has many faces. They say it's like a sponge and absorbs everything. Some love it, others hate it. But we say that is magic.

Visa and vaccination

Before you travel to india you must get visa. We can help you with paper work. We recommend vaccination against hepatitis A.

Group and guide

Group size is between 12 to 19 travelers. If in group is less than 12 traveler the price can be increased proportionately. Exact itinerary you can check with the click on a route map and in day travel plan which we can send to you. Group leads Petra or Gregor. For the entire trip you need 21 days.

When on the road?

India has more seasons. Top season south of Delhi is the New Year. Rajasthan and south is always visited in the winter when temperatures are bearable and at home is cold and foggy :)




For the current price please visit the Slovenian page. (CLICK HERE)

Metod of payment for the trip is different because we pay everything on the spot. As the prices of services and exchange rates in developing countries vary reminded that these prices are indicative and may vary slightly (max5%) due to currency fluctuations! We guarantee prices only for the organization and guiding which is 400/360 €.

Price includes:

*Organization and Slovenian escort 
*Internation flight from Ljubljana and 3× internal flights
*All costs along the way:
*Hotels (beautiful travel and tourist hotels)
*transport by train, bus, taxi, rickshaw, bicycles,
*Local guides for the program,
*day trip to Kanykumari and Kovalam,
*Entrance fees and tips (total of 350 €)

When there are 11 or less traveler the price surcharge organization. 11-9 passengers 50€ and 8-6 passengers 80.

 Price does not include:

*Visa (52€) 
*Food out of the program
*day trip in Goa (Optional)
*shopping and all activities that are not under the program
*evening entertainment and drinks
*eating in a style of shrimps, lobsters and truffles and evening entertainment

We advise to take by yourself in India around 300-400 € for own consumption.




Potovanje je blo kul spremenila ne bi nič. Spalni busi sicer so hudi, so boljši vlaki. Izlet do tistega jezercav Hampiju, ki je padlo iz neba bi predlagala da je kar vključen v program ( po vsej umazaniji je tko fajn se namakat v čisti vodi:) ostalo je bilo čisto v redu

Najlepše novo leto dobra 'svinjsak' ribica, otroška predstava, pa kraj nasplošno. Jezerce v Hampiju pač imam rada presenečenja. Dobra je bila tudi družba, pa da ne pozabimo rikše hard najboljša doživetja ( en taxi rikša bi lahko bil v Gorici;)

Izpustila ne bi nič ( mogoče to da prvi dan goje ni une ta velike tržnice.. ker neprespan se težko pogajaš;)

Petra je super punca, zabavna obenem hladna kri ko se je potrebno s kom pogajati in zelo dobro organizirana... pa najboljša soigralka pri briškuli:)

Agencijo in način potovanja poznam že dlje časa ne vem kdo mi je prvi prišepnil pred leti

Računam tam okoli 2000€ z vsem

1. Kako se ti je zdelo potovanje nasploh in kaj ti je ostalo v najlepšem spominu?
Potovanje super, ker pa vemo, da je Indija velika, je bil prvi teden kar precej natempiran, no ja bolj nam je mraz nagajal. Najbolj všeč mi je bila seveda Varkala, Hampi, Goa...

2. Je bilo vodenje in organizacija v redu ali bi kaj lahko dodali? A je bila Petra v redu?
Petra je SUPER in sigurno bom z njo še potovala, lahko rečem da je bila najboljša vodička do sedaj.

3. Koliko denarja si cca porabil/a v Indiji?
V Indiji sva porabila 450 eurov po osebi, seveda nisva veliko nakupovala J

4. Kam bi v prihodnje najraje potoval/-a?
Tja kjer bo še več narave, več živali in stika z domačini.

5. Zakaj si se odločil/a za to potovanje in ali bi to potovanje priporočal/-a še komu?
Željo sva imela enkrat iti v Indijo, ker pa se je to potovanje ravno ujemalo z mojim dopustom, sva se odločila že sedaj.

1. Kako se ti je zdelo potovanje nasploh in kaj ti je ostalo v najlepšem spominu?
Potovanje je bilo malo dinamično, malo avanturistično, malo naporno, malo vznemirljivo in zaradi Indije zelo kaotično vendar č.u.d.o.v.i.t.o.. V spominu.... mi bo najbolj ostal Hampi, Puškal in pa Varkalla in Goa - slednje zaradi morja, ki nas je na koncu čakalo skupaj s počitkom.

2. Je bilo vodenje in organizacija v redu ali bi kaj lahko dodali? A je bila Petra v redu?
Char je lahko ponosen, da ima tako profesionalno in dobro vodičko kot je Petra. Pazite nanjo!

3. Koliko denarja si cca porabil/a v Indiji?
500 brez dodatnih nakupov.

4. Kam bi v prihodnje najraje potoval/-a?
Iran, Jordanija...

5. Zakaj si se odločil/a za to potovanje in ali bi to potovanje priporočal/-a še komu?
Ker me je Indija poklicala....Vsekakor jo bom priporočila



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