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Program of the tour

After landing in Tehran we do border formalities and immediately leave this huge city as we do not like metropolis with several million people.Therefore from the airport we go directly to friendly and more pleasant Kashan where our journey really begins. Here we for the first come in touch with the Iranian culture. We will be amazed by the beauty of mosques, shrines of Imams, crazy beautiful swimming pools and gardens. Beginning in Iranian style. We will of course take a walk around a wonderful covered bazaar (one of the most beautiful in the world) and saw the production of textiles, carpets and silk after which the region is well known. Follows move to Esfahan. City with sophisticated architecture of mosques, palaces, bridges, markets, tea rooms and the old town will take over us immediately. On the way there we make a stop in UNESCO's village of Abyaneh one of the oldest and best-preserved traditional villages in all Iran. After Esfahan is time for cultural capital of Iran- Shiraz. In Shiraz we enjoy colorful marketplace, numerous mosques, Medresas, friendly locals as well as the tomb of the great Sufi Hafiz. From here we drive on a daily trip to Persepolis and Necropolis- a former royal residence that still retains its glory and magnificence. From Shiraz the way leads us in Kerman and desert Lut. Here we will be impressed of a beautiful and enchanting desert scenery. During the day we enjoy the shade of date palms, some may go in in to the salt lake. Night we spend under the sky and 1000s of stars. Next day back to Kerman to a city on the edge of desert in nearby oasis which is known for its tea places, bazaars, gardens. Follows a drive to Yazd fantastic desert town with impressive architecture where still lives Zoroastrians- worshipers of eternal fire. On the way there we make have a stop in the desert settlement Maymand where people still live in caves which they dig out of the ground. Follows night train to the far north east Iran- a meeting point for people from the Persian Gulf and Central Asia, Mashhad. It is also one of the world's most important Muslim religious centers. We will continue to Caspian sea. With domestic flights fly over Tehran and go to Rasht. We will make short stop on Caspian sea and continue to Alamut, the former mighty fortress around which were located Paradise Gardens. Follows a nice village of Masuleh where paths lead you through the city over the roofs of houses of the locals, superb food and endless shopping. From transfer to the airport and return back home.
The program is active (nights hotels, trains and bus) and is recommended for those who want adventure, backpacking  and active way of discovering the world.

Some highlights

Sights on the tour

Kashan- a traditional town known for its crazy bazaar, gardens, palaces, teashops
Abyaneh- traditional red village protected by UNESCO
Esfahan- pearl of Iran with sophisticated architecture of mosques, palaces, bridges, bazaar ...
The desert- endless dunes, camels, oases, salt lake, v
Yazd- fantastic desert city, Zoroastrian towers of silence and Zarkuneh game
Kerman- desert town with a real nomadic feel
Maymand- a village in the desert in an old cave settlement
Lut Desert- sleeping under millions of stars, the beautiful cliffs and crazy views
Shiraz- city of love, wine, roses and poets
Persepolis- the former residence of the famous magnificent Persian Empire
Mashad- Iran's "Mecca", the largest mosque in the far east
Alamut- a historic mansion in the Iranian mountains
Masuleh- beautiful village at the foot of the mountain with a lively pulse.



Our advantages

The program is renewed. We know Iran very well as we traveled there many times. In Iran for us take care best local travel agency. Because our tour is not classic you have opportunity to experience true Iran. The tour offers more than just a classic look and move from place to place. We do not visit just most beautiful places but also nomads, we ride camels etc. Iran will definitely impress us with its hospitality which we will never forget. We will enjoy desert and mountain character of the country with isolated villages, where they live primordial inhabitants and nomads. The land is also famous for water pipes, teas, candy, pomegranates, dates, pistachios, nuts, and the Persian carpets, silk routes. Come with us! Iran is dangerous only to boredom but for the human soul has extremly positive effect!


Our hotels in Iran are verified. We choose beautiful hotels with authentic and friendly people and good service. We use double rooms with private shower and WC. In the deserte we sleep in nomad camp (million star category). Accommodations are different categories. In essence saying point is that we are in the center of the action. Hotels are centrally located and all the highlights are in a walking distance.


Visa and vaccination

Visafor Iran is needed Visas for Iran is not the issue in case if you have in the passport Israel. The visa shall be issued by a local agency and the embassy in Ljubljana (2x payment visa). We recommend vaccination against hepatitis A.

Group and guide

The exact itinerary can get by clicking on the route map. The group is large from 12-20 travelers. The group guides are Gregor, Matic or Petra. For the whole journey you need 16 days.
Before the trip we have a meeting which is mandatory to avoid problems and lack of information.

When on the road?

Iran is a large and very diverse country with huge deserts and mighty mountains and in different seasons has different temperatures. It is preferred to travel in late spring and early autumn. We travel in early autumn and spring (March to October) when Iran offers best weather. Depending on the time of year we change the direction of travel but sites remain the same! Departures are under the Club Čar and organisation of Agency Huda Tura
The exact date of departure can check on the right side - KDAJ NA POT. The number of seats is limited !!



For the current price please visit the Slovenian page. (CLICK HERE)

For all the organization, guiding costs, a lot of work and a little sleep we charge 350 EUR. Members of Char Travel Club get 40 EUR off. All the other costs all payable on arrival to destination- you need cca. 800 EUR. It includes the accommodation (nice travel hotels), the car rental an costs, the drink, the food and the trips. Shopping not includeed. All our prices are informative because everything gets paid on arrival and prices may vary +/- 5%.
We 100% guarantee only the price for the guiding and organization.

Price includes:

* Organitation cost (discount for members is € 40) How do I become a member?
* Local and Slovenian gude all the time
* Round international flight ticket
* Domestic flight ticket
* The cost of the program
* Transport by bus, car, train
* Hotel with breakfast 2* and 3*
* Camping in the desert

When there are 11 or less traveler the price surcharge organization. 11-9 passengers 50€ and 8-6 passengers 80

Price does not include:

* Transfer to the airport
* Tips
* Entrance fees
* Food out of the program
* Camel safari
* Iran visa
* Insurance
* Shopping at bazaars
* All activities which are not in the program
* Evening entertainment