This year the legendary TOP program is improved   Join us on a legendary tour that we have been organizing for over 10 years in the Indian Himalayas.   18.07.- 01./ 07.08.2020 from 1600 € / 1780 € for 15 / 21d Flight from LJUBLJANA!   For more information CLICK HERE  

We have a new and improved program for Indonesia. Dates in 2020: - 17.04.-03.05./09.05., Flight from Zagreb, CONFIRMED - 19.07.-04.08./09.08., Flight from Ljubljana, CONFIRMED - 11.09.-27.09./02.10., Flight from Zagreb, CONFIRMED - 23.10.-08.11./13.11. we collect applications - 20.12.-04.01.2021, NEW YEAR, flight from Ljubljana, CONFIRMED   Click here for more information

In March 2020, we travel to Oman.   The jeep adventure will take place from 14.03. - 03/27/2020 - 14 days!   The desert adventure will take us into the hidden valleys of the land between friendly locals and beautiful scenery.   Good program, great price!    

NEW- great journey at Char! Join us for a new unforgettable experience in Krigizia.   Together we will embark on a 3-day trek, discovering the fairytale valleys, crazy gorges, high mountain lakes and much more.   07.07.-20.07.2020, flight from Ljubljana 05.08.- 18.08.2020, flight from Ljubljana    Starting from 1160 € for 14 days Click here for more info  

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